Global Warming Solutions Act Of California

This briefly explains the essence of the Stationary Equipment Refrigerant Management Program which is the newest integration into the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). Information that is related to emerging and existing refrigerant gas monitoring, reporting, tracking and management legislation is communicated here. As with all other pending legislation, the refrigerant management is […]

Kyoto Protocol in the Limelight

Representatives of the 16 largest greenhouse gas emitting countries, who met in preparation of the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009, concluded that they had settled on the architecture of an agreement in Copenhagen. They also admitted that a binding treaty was unlikely. The problems in Copenhagen are proving once more that the concepts, which are […]

Limitless Affordable Energy without Climate Changes

World economies are facing serious threats from climate changes and rising sea levels. There is only one single solution; world leaders must develop realistic strategies to completely change and transform existing global energy supply systems. World economies including the US are facing global problems of unprecedented magnitude and complexity. A profusion of serious economical, ecological, […]

Replacing Kyoto with an Universally Acceptable Treaty

The Copenhagen Climate Conference of 2009 was doomed to failure before it ever began. The division between the major polluters and the rest of the world was just too wide. Even the two largest polluters, the USA and China, could not agree with each other.In hindsight, it is good news that the meeting failed. The […]

Copenhagen Can Open New Era of Clean and Economical Energies

To the Editor: Highly paid government bureaucrats will be descending in masses on Copenhagen in December of 2009. They all have instructions to defend the status quo and make sure that the world will follow the outdated and ineffective recommendations and provisions of the ill conceived Kyoto Protocol.Only a few, if any, officials have any […]