What Will Happen To Healthcare Reform If Lawsuit Prevails?

The controversy surrounding healthcare reform does not appear as if it will end any time soon. Multiple lawsuits are currently pending regarding the federal government’s authority to enforce an individual mandate, which requires people to either buy health insurance or pay a fine. Opponents of the mandate believe that it violates the 10th Amendment, and […]

Light Bulbs Were Just A Warning Sign

Even after it has passed I still get a lot of emails from readers dumbfounded readers who are in such disbelief that Congress was even trying to pass off on Americans even more socialized medicine than we already have.  They are so shocked that not only had Congress rammed this abridgement of our liberties down […]

Reform of the People

Hello, The American great health care debate seems to be coming to the senate floor. This seems to be the make or break point for the democrats and the ultimate battleground for republicans. The one thing that both sides want to agree on is that something needs to change. How it is supposed to change, […]

Obama’s Socialist Health Care Plan-A Fraud for America

H.R. 3962, the health care reform bill being pushed through Capitol Hill, is nothing more than another fraudulent scheme of suspected Kenya-born Obama’s unconstitutional and un-American agenda to undermine the freedom, prosperity, health and natural rights of every American citizen. The health care reform that Obama wants to impose is a socialist system in which […]


ARE YOU AS MAD AS I AM? One Trillion Dollars being requested from the taxpayers by President Bush stating that we have no choice. Let’s target every member of our government to be given their “Pink Slip”. They have no compassion on you when you get your “Pink Slip” so let’s do what all good […]