Block the Kamikaze attack in the Senate

The Senate version of Trump Care is even meaner and uglier than the House version was. Mitch McConnell, the chief henchman in the Senate for the Trump administration, made sure that the crafting of the Senate version was done behind carefully guarded, closed doors. These doors were closed even to the Republican Senators who are […]

Romney’s Wonderland of Changing Opinions

To the Editor: “Curiouser and curiouser.” Romney must have been thinking of these words from Alice In Wonderland when he replied to (Meet The Press, 9/9/12) David Gregory’s question about not mentioning the war in Afghanistan in his Convention speech. Romney said, “You know, I find it interesting that people are curious about mentioning words […]

AARP Should Not Be Commenting

AARP Should Not Be Commenting

Dear Sir: “How About Some Adult Supervision” at AARP? Your editorials and information mislead seniors. Why don’t you present the facts? For example, why did AARP file three friend-of-the-court briefs in support of the new health care law when it is unconstitutional in several respects? Unless AARP understands the Constitution, it should not provide comments. […]

It’s That Time Of The (Election) Year

To The Editor: Remember that story that consumed our news media three months ago about the U.S. Department of Agriculture manager who was accused of being a racist? Yeah, remember, she was caught on tape saying she wouldn’t be zealous in helping a farmer because he was white? And it turns out those quotes were […]

Is the Right's Media Message Wrong?

Obama’s popularity ratings continue to plummet.  The passage of the health care and financial reform, which should have triggered celebration on the blue side of the aisle, don’t seem to be giving any up tick to the president’s PR position.  The BP spill, and the administration’s glacial reaction to it, hasn’t helped the President’s cause […]

What Will Happen To Healthcare Reform If Lawsuit Prevails?

The controversy surrounding healthcare reform does not appear as if it will end any time soon. Multiple lawsuits are currently pending regarding the federal government’s authority to enforce an individual mandate, which requires people to either buy health insurance or pay a fine. Opponents of the mandate believe that it violates the 10th Amendment, and […]

Save Your Bucks

“You don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas when you’re trying to save for college.” So goes the wisdom of Barack Hussein Obama as he speaks of frugality in the face of financial distress. This message doesn’t quite ring true as it falls from the lips of one whose only known solution to problems […]

Light Bulbs Were Just A Warning Sign

Even after it has passed I still get a lot of emails from readers dumbfounded readers who are in such disbelief that Congress was even trying to pass off on Americans even more socialized medicine than we already have.  They are so shocked that not only had Congress rammed this abridgement of our liberties down […]

Up The River Without A Brain

The citizenry of Greece should be grateful for one thing and that is that they are not useless to the new socialist world order.  At least not yet.  This status of still being at least somewhat useful to the ends of elitists who think they know best how to manage the lives of everyone else […]

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