By G. Hugh Bodell I spent the better part of my professional life understanding and improving on operational processes in the financial services industry.  When a process appeared too complex or confusing close up, we had a standard phrase, “Step back and look down on it as if you were 10,000 feet above it.” The […]

After 1 Year, Obama vs. Reagan

As we approached the end of the year, we are also approached the end of President Obama’s first year in office. You might be wondering how he is doing, based on actual numbers (rather than political spin). Obama clearly inherited a difficult situation economically. Only two others in the modern era came even remotely close. […]

Sources: Obama, Dems to sidestep GOP on health care

President Obama met Wednesday with House Democratic leaders who face the likelihood of having a final health care bill look much more like the Senate’s version than their measure. The meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the chairmen of the three House committees that approved health care legislation was part of efforts by Obama […]


ARE YOU AS MAD AS I AM? One Trillion Dollars being requested from the taxpayers by President Bush stating that we have no choice. Let’s target every member of our government to be given their “Pink Slip”. They have no compassion on you when you get your “Pink Slip” so let’s do what all good […]


FIRST FEMALE PRIME MINISTER OF SPAIN. Esperanza Aguirre set to take the wheel. By Michael Mifsud. Her name means hope but in this instance it means a little more than that,  for the very presence of Esperanza, the controversial and sophisticated President of the Madrid Community, already speaks of her future role in the leadership […]

The World Economy FIX IT ALL

The World Economy FIX IT ALL

To the Editor: We sit at the table of crisis but also at the table of opportunity. Clearly we must bail out the mistakes of “Wall Street”. Let’s fix it all for good. One Trillion dollars for stabilizing the markets…why stop there? How about printing TEN TRILLION DOLLARS and shipping all of those dollars to […]