Wikileaks Exposes The Bigger Game!

The WikiLeak’s disclosure of 90,000 documents from the US Afghan war-front show evidence that on-the-ground commanders believe Pakistani spy agencies are collaborating with the Taliban. This comes a day after Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen was snapped with Pakistani Generals discussing candidly the efforts by Pakistan against terrorism and violent […]

The Source Of Hate

In the existing dramatic Iranian scenario, where President Ahmadinejad is insisting in invoking Israeli destruction, I do believe that no alternatives but a preemptive attack on Iranian nuclear storages may be a significant and valid option in any case. Iranian uranium enrichment program is continuing on the Arak reactor located near the Qara-Chai River in […]

Why Iran Will Collapse Into Its Contradictions

A country that used children to open mined roads for regular armed forces, it is not worthy for any dialogue or negotiation. It is a country that has lost its own honor several years ago and for a willingness extermination of a heartless man who called himself Ayatollah, he just suffered calamities and wars.Children, with […]

Iranian Threats

Iranian Government supporters have attacked the Italian Embassy in Teheran, as a reaction to Premier Silvio Berlusconi requests for increasing sanctions over nuclear enrichment.Although we might expect that a Government would be in position to argue and contest the Italian Premier declaration, the reaction is an emblematic example of the value Iran gives to the […]

Us China Relations

The growing Chinese economic power is a reality one can not deny. China is said to be the world giant economy and a Super power in following years. According to The Economist report, in year 2010 China will appear with a strong voice in International community. As a Super power United States has a natural […]

Why Oh Why Is President Obama Bankrupting US?

To President Obama bankrupting America fits into his plan to grow the size of government and thus make more people dependent on the state. Obama’s first Chief of Staff was Rahm Emanuel (he resigned 10/1/2010).  In addition to having an abrasive personality and a foul mouth, he will probably be remembered most for saying, “A […]

Illogical blame game

People who study current affairs and history can tell us that seldom it is heard that China blamed any nation or super power to interfere in its national affairs. But it is a reality that China too blames other nations but their way of complaining is very straight, decent and effective. Still we remember that […]

Collective Action for Disaster Management

It’s befitting that the issue of disaster management was highlighted at the recent 35th UNESCO general conference in Paris since it served as one ideal platform to remind the world community of the challenges which natural disasters posed and the consequences of inaction. It’s noteworthy that the Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak  […]