Snowden Opponents Deserve Their Government

Snowden Opponents Deserve Their Government

Note: This letter is in response to Get Real About Snowden, He Is Appalling Dear Margie: I wonder if you have children, I wonder if you love Democratic principles, I wonder if all you want is a comfortable life without needing to worry about life, that’s what the Government is for – to organize things […]

George Bush Gives A Speech Barack Obama Style

Every President has a unique style of speaking and dealing with issues. Barack Obama recently gave his first State of the Union address. In listening to him speak about all the problems the country faces in 2010, it brought to mind the early days of the presidency of George Bush and his early speeches when […]

Time for Obama to listen to saner voices

  The same old question continues to haunt Obama as was before him when he assumed office in January? should he continue the course charted by his predecessor, which has caused great damage to his country and drawing it further into the sinkhole; or deliver on the promise of hope and change he made not […]

Strategy of world leaders: “More war, less education”

  By Makhsudul Islam It is to be maintained that non-implementation of the programme of universal primary education and not putting this social welfare programme first on the list of priorities has rendered the world vulnerable in all fields; and child labour can not be eliminated unless the child is sent to his or her […]

The Real Reason for the Afghanistan Occupation

      Why did  we let Osama Bin Laden escape when we had him surrounded in 2002 and have not caught up with him since?  Because we need him to justify our open-ended occupation of Afghanistan. The Al Qaeda militants Osama is said to lead are not a traditional army with fixed headquarters and a single […]

US presses for more economic sanctions

The Bush administration announced its intentions to increase the ongoing pressures on the Islamic government in Iran. US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, said the new sanctions include severance of all financial ties with three of Iran’s largest state-run banks, the Revolutionary Guard Corps and its Quds force and a host of other institutions related […]