I support entirely Pres.Trump’s proposal to build a WALL along the US-Mexican border. Israel has buılt a great WALL years ago that has successfully stemmed the infiltration of Palestinians into Israel. Now Turkey who at first admitted nearly 3 million Syrians is building a 911 kilometers wall along its Syrian border citing security. So what […]

Israel: The Victim of Obama’s Antisemitism

It saddens my heart to know that America, as a nation, no longer stands with Israel.

Israel: The Victim of Obama’s Antisemitism

To the Editor: I watch, listen and see the sitting president of America expressing his clearly apparent antisemitism in many and diverse ways. It saddens my heart to know that America, as a nation, no longer stands with Israel. Leastwise the resident on Pennsylvania Avenue doesn’t. He never did I don’t believe, he just acted […]

Muslims Are No Honest With Themselves

An interesting research published in this site: how quickly the Islam world is trying to force their own side to follow insane principles. The video shows Hamas militia against Palestinian people found guilty of having singing during a wedding. No one in the street had courage of protesting against this brutality.  Muslims are free […]

Why Iran Will Collapse Into Its Contradictions

A country that used children to open mined roads for regular armed forces, it is not worthy for any dialogue or negotiation. It is a country that has lost its own honor several years ago and for a willingness extermination of a heartless man who called himself Ayatollah, he just suffered calamities and wars.Children, with […]

The Source Of Hate

In the existing dramatic Iranian scenario, where President Ahmadinejad is insisting in invoking Israeli destruction, I do believe that no alternatives but a preemptive attack on Iranian nuclear storages may be a significant and valid option in any case. Iranian uranium enrichment program is continuing on the Arak reactor located near the Qara-Chai River in […]