Hey USC: Time for Haden to Go

Hey USC: Time for Haden to Go

To the Editor: USC needs to fire Pat Hayden. The man has no class. He doesn’t understand the quality of coach Orgeron. I will no longer be a USC football fan because of the despicable behavior of Pat Hayden. Coach O did take a mid season job and performed very well. Hayden gives Orgeron no […]

Why Demand, Not Business, Creates Jobs

The one thing that can make hiring happen is customers. It is market demand, not big business, that creates employment. Business only fills out the forms and decides whether a paycheck will go to a worker in the United States or to one in Guam. Business creates jobs like a windmill creates wind.

Jobs, Health and Freedom: Act Now

Regardless of the steps we take, job loss or illness cannot always be avoided. But turning our backs on future generations when it comes to passing on a free market economy, solid employment opportunities, the best health care system in the world, and a country still founded on individual liberty certainly can.


I was leaving the laundrymat and a man approached my car on his cellphone all exited. He came right up to my passenger window and he could not contain his excitement saying, “I finally got my section 8 housing, now my family won’t have to go into a shelter! I am a hard worker and […]