The 12th Amendment has Failed

The 12th amendment was past in 1800 stating that each of the members of the electoral college was to place one vote for the presidential candidate. If there was a tie the congress was to choose a president from the top three candidates. Prior to this amendment being passed, the Vice president was the candidate […]

Get The Facts: Coal is Here to Stay

Encyclopedias were out dated when they came out -- but coal certainly is not.

Get The Facts: Coal is Here to Stay

To the Editor: I am writing this in response to the letter by Mr. Robert Wolf:“Coal is on the Way Out.” It’s evident he has no idea what’s he taking about when it comes to the coal industry. First he talked about the encyclopedias being on their way out, that was his only true statement, […]

$15 an Hour: Stop Caving in To Labor!

We will create another class of workers who feel entitled to entrenchment.

To the Editor: The proposed increase of restaurant workers’ wages to $15 an hour will do nothing more than create a barrier to upward job mobility. Such employment should be nothing more than a stop on one’s job progression or career, or as most of these jobs are, part-time. Yet now we will create another […]

Why Demand, Not Business, Creates Jobs

The one thing that can make hiring happen is customers. It is market demand, not big business, that creates employment. Business only fills out the forms and decides whether a paycheck will go to a worker in the United States or to one in Guam. Business creates jobs like a windmill creates wind.