Sindh The new epicenter of global instability

Sindh has always been a fertile and rich country. For thousands of years, it had maintained trade links with other countries, some of them in far-flung regions of the world. Historians have found evidence that ships carrying merchandise from Sindh regularly called at the ports of Egypt, Java, China and Sri Lanka. From these countries, […]

Why Oh Why Is President Obama Bankrupting US?

To President Obama bankrupting America fits into his plan to grow the size of government and thus make more people dependent on the state. Obama’s first Chief of Staff was Rahm Emanuel (he resigned 10/1/2010).  In addition to having an abrasive personality and a foul mouth, he will probably be remembered most for saying, “A […]

Hardliner media divides public opinion

For three decades our media explicitly supported Jihad in Afghanistan. An American sponsored Jihad against Russia was an unfasten interference in a neighboring country. The thirst of our hostile media is still not quenched even after watching rivers of blood. After a very hard struggle civil government and military has succeeded in creating a unified […]