Up The River Without A Brain

The citizenry of Greece should be grateful for one thing and that is that they are not useless to the new socialist world order.  At least not yet.  This status of still being at least somewhat useful to the ends of elitists who think they know best how to manage the lives of everyone else […]

Starting Off Right

Last week my wife and I, along with our daughter, welcomed into the world the newest edition to our family. Our son was born! Hallelujah! And while we were celebrating, members of the left were dismayed that another child had been born to a staunch, liberty loving American and that he would no doubt be […]

The Help John Conyers Read The Damn Bill Act of 2009

To the Editor: Democrat Representative John Conyers, husband of the corrupt and convicted former Detroit councilwoman Monica Conyers, has actually said something that makes sense. It is a rare moment indeed for the often bumbling Congressman who I suspect on more than one occasion has had trouble dressing himself because someone wrote “left” on his […]