Reasons for Rise in Death Rate

Re: DEATH RATE IN US RISES FOR FIRST TIME IN A DECADE, published 6/1/2016. There are three good reasons why the death rate is rising, and can be expected to continue rising in the USA for the foreseeable future. First, older people die more. Review of census date from the US DOH Administration on Aging […]

Shame on Arkansas for Shutting Down Services

We have such a wonderful community…what a shame.

To the Editor: The Arkansas Department of Health announced it will begin the process of shutting down their In-Home Services Department (Home Health). ADH Home Health has been a “safety net” in our community for the elderly, young mothers/infants, and patients with no source of payment. Our community has several excellent Private Sector Home Health […]

Callahan’s Wrong: We Can Delay Death

Callahan’s Wrong: We Can Delay Death

To the Editor: Daniel Callahan’s contention in this New York Times column that “extending the human lifespan would diminish our lives” and that “nature itself seems to be resisting our efforts” is flawed because there is no law of nature (physics and chemistry) that prevents us from re-engineering our selves to live indefinitely. We are […]

Let’s Get a National Mission Statement

What we need today is a National purpose; what corporations call a “Mission Statement,” something to inspire the citizenry to know its reason for existence and to give direction for its efforts. The first man who states this purpose will win my vote.