Kasich appears to be the most rational but stumbled here.

Kasich appears to be the most rational Republican but appeared to compromise himself for the FL vote in overdoing support for Israel. which Rubio and Cruz have indicated they are in the pocket of Adelson/Israel lobby. The 1967 phoney war/(land grab) by Israel and the subsequent occupation and settlement building of the West Bank *, […]

Could the United States Make the UN Bankrupt in a Year?

Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.D Well, the answer is easy, it is sharp,  yes! Here is why? The relationship between the United States of America (USA) and the United Nations (UN) is like the relationships between rich and poor.  The USA share of the UN budget was 25% until the year 2001, where the United State […]

I Am An Idiot Because .

Ok, I am going to have some fun this week. To accomplish this fun I am going to list for you, my readers, many of the reasons liberals think that I am an idiot. The way this is going to work is simple. I am just going to go through my email from the last […]

US Military Adventures in the Middle East

US’ constant quest for the control of world’s energy, serves as the main motive behind its arms deals with several Middle Eastern countries. US economic interests can be summarized as to a steadfast quest for the exploitation and control of the world’s oil and energy supplies. This is the reason it invaded Iraq under the […]

India an accommodating nation

India may seem to be a devil to us but the reality is that the world is not afraid of India’s ambitions. For decades we have made great efforts to portray India as a usurper of the rights of Kashmiri people but India was smart enough to persuade the world about our intervention in Kashmir. […]

The Spirit of United 93

Old habits die hard, even for jihadis. Not content with killing Christians and destroying churches throughout Africa, the Middle East and southern Asia, they decided to rekindle a Richard Reid style of attack. The latest attempt by the terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to murder residents of the Free World occurred on Christmas, undoubtedly, not a […]

Democracy in the Middle East – Why This is a Frightening Prospect For Its Rulers

It’s no secret that today the Middle East lacks the democratic political past, high literacy rates and high standards of living to claim democracy as its main political system. The political and economic reforms that occurred in Central and Eastern Europe or in East Asia and stimulated democratic change cannot be compared to the authoritarian Arab leaders in the majority of the Arab countries.

Everywhere Arms Races

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama claim that both North Korea and Iran must be prevented from developing nuclear capabilities to prevent arms races in North East Asia and the Near East. Clinton warned that North Korea’s refusal to discuss its nuclear program could escalate tensions and provoke an arms race in northeast […]