Bail Reform Needed

August 26, 2017 To the Editor: I am pleased to see the NY Times and other media describe how the for-profit bail-bond industry profits at the expense of incarcerated persons. The bail-bond industry is fighting for its life because, more and more, research, practice, and legal decisions have shown how inadequate, corruptible and inhuman the […]

Medicare Fraud at the personal level

Re: July 2016 Cover Article, MEDICARE FRAUD Mom signed herself into “CC” Hospice about two weeks before she passed away. She was, at that time, in a rehab center. CC did not show up every day and yet billed for visits which never occurred and billed for care which was never administered. Medicare, through CMS, […]

Tired of Money-Talk Politics

It seems like if you are a hard-working citizen like myself that works everyday you aren’t important enough to have your opinions heard.

Tired of Money-Talk Politics

To the Editor: Why do you have to have a lot of money to run for President of the United States? I am a middle class working person and I am running for President of the United States. I want to help the middle class citizens to be heard by our government. Since I don’t […]