The National Debt

On November 3rd 2009 the National Debt reached 12 Trillion Dollars. As I tried to grasp this number and get an understanding of it, I could not. I then decided to reduced the numbers down to something that I could understand. The average household income for 2008 was $50,303 so I decided to see what […]

2009 Year Review – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly From The American Political Class

Throughout 2009, while the country and it’s citizens were facing a terrible economy, foreign wars, extreme Congressional partisanship and sniping, no improvements in the major issues facing this country such as the soaring national debt, high unemployment, failing public schools, wide spread drug addiction problems, rising health care costs, and other major issues, what were […]


ARE YOU AS MAD AS I AM? One Trillion Dollars being requested from the taxpayers by President Bush stating that we have no choice. Let’s target every member of our government to be given their “Pink Slip”. They have no compassion on you when you get your “Pink Slip” so let’s do what all good […]

The World Economy FIX IT ALL

The World Economy FIX IT ALL

To the Editor: We sit at the table of crisis but also at the table of opportunity. Clearly we must bail out the mistakes of “Wall Street”. Let’s fix it all for good. One Trillion dollars for stabilizing the markets…why stop there? How about printing TEN TRILLION DOLLARS and shipping all of those dollars to […]

We The People

To the Editor:      We The People, three simple words that changed the world in July of 1776 and have changed the world every day since. It is truly mind boggling how those three words have based the way every person on the planet operates. People the world over yearn for the American dollar, American […]