whatever happened to unbiased reporting?

Dear Sir: Today I was disappointed to hear you endorsed a political candidate. I expect the media to report an unbiased account of the news. Now I will have to “run, not walk” to another media to get the news I expect. Shame on you.

Dallas Morning News Endorsing a Candidate without Trustworthy Character

RE: Dallas Morning News endorsement of Hilary Clinton. This is rich! A newspaper that is presumably about digging out the truth and reporting it, instead endorsing a known liar, a person who used her high office for personal gain (most would call this corruption) and a politician who handles classified material carelessly (by the FBI directors […]

Reasons for Rise in Death Rate

Re: DEATH RATE IN US RISES FOR FIRST TIME IN A DECADE, published 6/1/2016. There are three good reasons why the death rate is rising, and can be expected to continue rising in the USA for the foreseeable future. First, older people die more. Review of census date from the US DOH Administration on Aging […]

Fight terror with silence and break the cycle.

What if terror was met with silence? I’m no expert on terrorism or psychology, but it seems to me that one of the objectives of terrorism is to create terror, garner attention, and be recognized for doing so. While probably impossible, what if terrorist events were not covered by the media, but only with a […]

anti-obama movie and patriotism

Recently an anti-obama movie has come out and teaparty people have claimed that it is the patriotic duty that Americans watch it.  My guess is that these are the same people that have “don’t listen to the mainstream media” stickers on their cars.  The problem I have had with teapartiers I  is that they find […]

Don’t Get Discouraged!

Times Are Tough, But An Upbeat Outlook Will Prevail To the Editor: Today, the news is dominated by the story of 33 Chilean miners being rescued after 69 days trapped more than two thousand feet below the Earth’s surface. It’s a profound story of love, faith, redemption, and of the bright side of human nature. […]

It’s That Time Of The (Election) Year

To The Editor: Remember that story that consumed our news media three months ago about the U.S. Department of Agriculture manager who was accused of being a racist? Yeah, remember, she was caught on tape saying she wouldn’t be zealous in helping a farmer because he was white? And it turns out those quotes were […]

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