Newspaper Exposed Trump’s Decision Making

This reflects Mr. Trump's decision making philosophy and his ability to process and learn from diverse opinions.

Newspaper Exposed Trump’s Decision Making

To the Editor: In response to the Trump Editorial and his response; I believe that rather than having an emotional response to an emotional reaction, that we should look to the core of the action here. A newspaper has the right and responsibility to report the news and to offer ( in its editorials) opinions […]

Obama and the Un-fooled Dissident Few

It is an established historical fact, one that was quipped frequently and sardonically by Abraham Lincoln in his years as a lawyer, that it is entirely possible to fool quite a few people some of the time, but an impossibility to fool all the people all the time, especially an informed segment of a republic’s […]

Illogical blame game

People who study current affairs and history can tell us that seldom it is heard that China blamed any nation or super power to interfere in its national affairs. But it is a reality that China too blames other nations but their way of complaining is very straight, decent and effective. Still we remember that […]

Obama’s Afghan policy and regional media

Journalists had speculations about Obama’s speech of new Afghan policy even before December. Almost every newspaper had suggested solutions of Afghan problem in its editorials. After president Obama’s speech the regional media had mix reactions about it in its editorials. The concentration in this article is on the print media (English) of Afghanistan, Pakistan and […]

Obama refuse to kiss the French First Lady, why?

I read a funny anecdote by accident : the British press has gone in a frenzy over an existential question : what happened to Barack et Carla? In fact, the British newspapers are wondering why the American president and the French First Lady did not kiss each other when they met for the first time.  […]

Rep. Foster Continues to Reject Automatic Pay Raise for Members of Congress

Today, after working to block automatic Congressional pay raises in the past, Rep. Bill Foster (IL-14) announced his support for bipartisan legislation that would block the next automatic pay raise for Members of Congress. “With unemployment numbers hovering around 10 percent in the 14th District, and with families losing their homes and their health insurance […]

The low-down on our youths

Reaching out to the Malaysian youth: Do we just run a competition, make sure it is highly successful and then close shop or continue to stay involved after that to link up with the youths through other mechanisms? The current mechanism we are thinking of is a music event. Why music? Simply, music appeals to […]