What it means to be an American

To be an American to me means that I am free. That I may pick the job I want, what school to attend, which person I want to be with, what religion or non-religion I choose to practice, what team I want to root for, what food I want to eat. It also means that […]

Dallas Morning News Endorsing a Candidate without Trustworthy Character

RE: Dallas Morning News endorsement of Hilary Clinton. This is rich! A newspaper that is presumably about digging out the truth and reporting it, instead endorsing a known liar, a person who used her high office for personal gain (most would call this corruption) and a politician who handles classified material carelessly (by the FBI directors […]

God Help the United States

I am certainly glad that I am at this end of my life rather than my 5 year old grandson’s end. If the 5 people running for the highest office in the land are the best that this country can do, then we just better give up. Even if we took the major attribute of […]

Medicare question

Several months ago, I was admitted to a local hospital. I had been (I thought) an inpatient for 4 days before my doctor scheduled a surgery. Imagine my surprise when someone from the business office came into my room with admission papers. I have been aware of the ‘observation’ issue for years but I was […]

I’m Desperate: Help the Caregivers of Elderly

Please, please, please help those of us who are caregivers. I don’t know where else to turn.

I’m Desperate: Help the Caregivers of Elderly

To the Editor: I have lived in New Jersey for 40 years and I have never asked for anything from my legislators but I decided to write the following letter to my state representatives as well as my federal representatives. Here is the letter: I am writing to express my concerns about the lack of […]