Climate change is not biblical

Regarding the climate change panic that seems to have struck fear into so many people, this is an encouragement to followers of Christ. Don’t get sucked in. Climate change and Christianity do not mix, it’s a fear promoted by atheists. Here’s why. Scripture tells us how the world will end, and it is not by […]

Time to Act

Time to Act Two things the Democrats should have learned because of the Georgia election is they cannot buy an election. After spending 46 million and outspending the Republicans 7 to 1 in Georgia they lost. The Second thing is that the voters are not stupid. The voters are voting on issues, ignoring the misleading […]

Don’t throw stones Mr. Zima

Guy Zima should not “cast the first stone.” He should also remember that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Mr. Zima should NOT be asking for Mayor Schmitt to resign. Mr. Zima should remember his own indiscretion’s. Does anyone remember his Nuremberg comment to Patrick Buckley? How about Mr. Zima’s burglary charge […]

Diversity what does it mean?

Story about Blacks in the Olympics NY Times & USA Today This is what I Think!! Your paper should be called Trumper’s Times obsessed in black and white issues, yes blacks have been discriminated against and no one is taking away from their suffering but my people are still enslaved and are still in the […]

God Help the United States

I am certainly glad that I am at this end of my life rather than my 5 year old grandson’s end. If the 5 people running for the highest office in the land are the best that this country can do, then we just better give up. Even if we took the major attribute of […]

Fight terror with silence and break the cycle.

What if terror was met with silence? I’m no expert on terrorism or psychology, but it seems to me that one of the objectives of terrorism is to create terror, garner attention, and be recognized for doing so. While probably impossible, what if terrorist events were not covered by the media, but only with a […]

Thank you for Empty Bowls Success

On behalf of all participants of the Torrington Community Soup Kitchen I want to extend our grateful appreciation to our generous supporters who attended and/or donated to the Empty Bowls Fundraiser October 13. Empty Bowls  helps to support the 40,000 meals provided yearly for needy citizens of Torrington and Litchfield County. This year over 250 people […]

To Atheists: Maybe You Should Try Prayer

It has been well documented that, believers who pray for help and guidance have improved health.

Re: Paradox of Prayer (Feb/Mar AARP Magazione). You weren’t “sermonizing,” but simply reporting the facts as they are. Angry responses from those who identify as atheists were unfortunate. The insanity of political correctness, wherein people need to be shielded from opinions they disagree with, belongs to our grandchildren’s generation, not to us who are older, and […]

Remember the Past; We Get Stronger Together

We are a proud people and our ancestors, black, white, Indian, etc., died so that we could journey on.

To The Editor: As Americans, we look back, embrace our many blessings, and learn from our mistakes. Our history is who we are and it has made American the greatest country in the world! Our history is what it is! Not possible to rewrite it, we can’t alter it, but documentation can be destroyed. Would […]

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