Media’s Worthless Agenda on Hillary’s E-Mails

I am outraged, especially when this country is on its way into the toilet bowl.

To the Editor: So, this is the New York Times, with all the news that’s shit to print? Great job on screwing up the false information about Hillary Clinton, and then publishing it! You didn’t even check your sources? WIt’s bad enough with the bullshit Repugnicians spreading lies all across the universe – from Benghazi […]

Newspaper Exposed Trump’s Decision Making

This reflects Mr. Trump's decision making philosophy and his ability to process and learn from diverse opinions.

Newspaper Exposed Trump’s Decision Making

To the Editor: In response to the Trump Editorial and his response; I believe that rather than having an emotional response to an emotional reaction, that we should look to the core of the action here. A newspaper has the right and responsibility to report the news and to offer ( in its editorials) opinions […]