Its Coming To a Backyard Near You in Pennsylvania

We are not anti-pipeline activists, and wanted to deal fairly with Sunoco; they chose not to. We feel like we were targeted because they knew we had too much to lose. This is a "Whole Different Ballgame."

Its Coming To a Backyard Near You in Pennsylvania

SJB_Lab-KMC15032707420Large Transmission Pipeline Intrusion: Its Coming to a Backyard Near You in Pennsylvania! I would like to elaborate a bit on the situation since myth and misconception abound concerning pipelines right now. I have been forced to do my share of research and have had to deal with first hand experience from Sunoco Logistics quickly […]

Silencing the Silence

Silencing the Silence There was something special about early morning light as I looked across the meadow and the small mounds where there once was play and paths – the special light and shadow gave comfort and solace and silence. An hour or so earlier the cry of coyotes pierced the darkness – always eerie […]

Let’s Get a National Mission Statement

What we need today is a National purpose; what corporations call a “Mission Statement,” something to inspire the citizenry to know its reason for existence and to give direction for its efforts. The first man who states this purpose will win my vote.