Obama, Birth Eligibility, and Media Integrity

If there was some bit of ascertainable fact contained in an undisclosed official document that would unequivocally disqualify me from holding some public office, state or federal to which I had been elected, I could justly do one of two things. I could, either, publicly own up to the disqualifying fact and step down from […]

Barack Obama and Racism

To the Editor: The Barack Obama racism issue in America is one that threatens to tear this nation’s core values apart. Whether you are a red or blue state follower is less important than the values that we bring to our children and our children’s children. If any one “race” has “claim” to the U.S., […]

Dick Cheney For President

To the Editor: Tony Soprano was the first to publicly espouse the idea, “Dick Cheney for president” (see ‘The Sopranos’ season 5). I’m not saying I’m a card-carrying fan of the former vice president, but many staunch members of the republican party may have to agree with Soprano by the time the 2012 campaigns swing […]