George Bush Gives A Speech Barack Obama Style

Every President has a unique style of speaking and dealing with issues. Barack Obama recently gave his first State of the Union address. In listening to him speak about all the problems the country faces in 2010, it brought to mind the early days of the presidency of George Bush and his early speeches when […]

Obama’s Inaugural Speech Inspires Change

One year ago, President Barak Obama gave his inaugural address to record crowds. His campaign was run on the promise of hope and change. With the anniversary of his speech upon us, it’s time to reflect on the past years events in order to take stock of where we are in our lives. What has […]

Kyoto Protocol in the Limelight

Representatives of the 16 largest greenhouse gas emitting countries, who met in preparation of the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Conference 2009, concluded that they had settled on the architecture of an agreement in Copenhagen. They also admitted that a binding treaty was unlikely. The problems in Copenhagen are proving once more that the concepts, which are […]

Obama refuse to kiss the French First Lady, why?

I read a funny anecdote by accident : the British press has gone in a frenzy over an existential question : what happened to Barack et Carla? In fact, the British newspapers are wondering why the American president and the French First Lady did not kiss each other when they met for the first time.  […]

Strategy of world leaders: “More war, less education”

  By Makhsudul Islam It is to be maintained that non-implementation of the programme of universal primary education and not putting this social welfare programme first on the list of priorities has rendered the world vulnerable in all fields; and child labour can not be eliminated unless the child is sent to his or her […]

2009 Year Review – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly From The American Political Class

Throughout 2009, while the country and it’s citizens were facing a terrible economy, foreign wars, extreme Congressional partisanship and sniping, no improvements in the major issues facing this country such as the soaring national debt, high unemployment, failing public schools, wide spread drug addiction problems, rising health care costs, and other major issues, what were […]

Biography: Robert Oppenheimer

The noise for the nuclear program of Iran and the possession of nuclear arms from Northern Korea, India and Pakistan, or the danger of “nuclear terrorism” in the after 9/11 era, make the attitude of the “father of atomic bomb”, Robert Oppenheimer, more topical than ever. A modern Prometheus, who gave the atomic fire to […]

After 1 Year, Obama vs. Reagan

As we approached the end of the year, we are also approached the end of President Obama’s first year in office. You might be wondering how he is doing, based on actual numbers (rather than political spin). Obama clearly inherited a difficult situation economically. Only two others in the modern era came even remotely close. […]


ARE YOU AS MAD AS I AM? One Trillion Dollars being requested from the taxpayers by President Bush stating that we have no choice. Let’s target every member of our government to be given their “Pink Slip”. They have no compassion on you when you get your “Pink Slip” so let’s do what all good […]