Girls helplesness

A girl is alone in any situation if she is with parents, friends, or relatives….its a common fact that girls born to be alone,unsupported,and helpless,the purpose of this letter to show that here if a girl raise her voice for her rights or make decision for herself then all relation/relatives leave her in that hard […]

Remember the Past; We Get Stronger Together

We are a proud people and our ancestors, black, white, Indian, etc., died so that we could journey on.

To The Editor: As Americans, we look back, embrace our many blessings, and learn from our mistakes. Our history is who we are and it has made American the greatest country in the world! Our history is what it is! Not possible to rewrite it, we can’t alter it, but documentation can be destroyed. Would […]

Michigan: Where Extremists Outrank Women

Michigan: Where Extremists Outrank Women

To the Editors: What is wrong with this picture? Our Michigan legislature does not seem to care what 70% of the citizens want. Instead, they cater to the loudest extreme, the Right to Lifers. Their dollars obviously speak louder than women’s rights. By passing a law that requires women to pay more for their heath […]