This Week in Health Care Reform

JANUARY 8, 2010 This Week in Health Care Reform      While still technically in recess, members of Congress trickled back to Washington, D.C. this week to get a jump start on reconciling the health care reform bills passed by the House and Senate last year. On Tuesday, Democratic leaders began conversations around a final package, […]


FIRST FEMALE PRIME MINISTER OF SPAIN. Esperanza Aguirre set to take the wheel. By Michael Mifsud. Her name means hope but in this instance it means a little more than that,  for the very presence of Esperanza, the controversial and sophisticated President of the Madrid Community, already speaks of her future role in the leadership […]

US presses for more economic sanctions

The Bush administration announced its intentions to increase the ongoing pressures on the Islamic government in Iran. US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, said the new sanctions include severance of all financial ties with three of Iran’s largest state-run banks, the Revolutionary Guard Corps and its Quds force and a host of other institutions related […]

Why Sarah Palin is Not Bipolar

In what has been a strikingly bitter and divisive US election campaign, one of the most distasteful forms of personal attack has been left-wing bloggers labeling VP candidate Sarah Palin as bipolar. These commentators apparently believe it is possible to diagnose Governor Palin as a closet sufferer of manic-depressive illness, without ever having met her […]