Magical Time For Elections and Enlightened Politicians

To the Editor: To be a politician now with a unique perspective combined with a charismatic personality shall spell success beyond any wildest stretch of the imagination. This recession is threatening to double dip in every country that has been destroyed by its consequences and will take invigorating innovative responses to reverse its swirl. Unlike […]

Us China Relations

The growing Chinese economic power is a reality one can not deny. China is said to be the world giant economy and a Super power in following years. According to The Economist report, in year 2010 China will appear with a strong voice in International community. As a Super power United States has a natural […]

Iran is Everybody’s Red Line

I don’t understand why Americans can’t realize that it’s not possible to attack Iran militarily let alone using nukes, short of total insanity. Iran is everybody’s red line on international geopolitical chessboard. It is a geo-strategic fact that neither the United States nor the other three major powers that are Russia, China or Europe would […]

Obama: Secret on Health Care – Open on Arms

In an unprecedented move President Obama has made another back room deal in a shroud of secrecy that will allow RUSSIAN Inspectors to come to the United States to count our nuclear missiles and warheads and tour or nuclear facilities and so undermine the sovereignty of the United States. Clinton said the U.S. would be […]

Of Iran and Oil

To the Editor: Among the few countries that have a substantial influence over the prices of crude oil and natural gas, Iran is probably the most feared by the international community due to its strategic, geographic and geopolitical position in the Middle East and Central Asia. Regularly coming into economic conflict with the United States […]

Our Demise is Greatly Overstated

By Geoff Ficke As we slog along under the full weight of the current financial calamity, there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth about the future of the United States. Many of our countries fiercest enemies and critics are gloating over their perception that our wave has crested and we have entered a period […]